Our Vision

A brand name firm for business analytics, advisory, and technical support services while transforming the business landscape to increase Jamaica’s start-up success rate.

Our Mission

Providing clients with insights, business advice, implementation support, operational and strategic success, and competitive advantage.

Our Values


ROIC is grounded in the philosophy that, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” (John Maxwell). Therefore, each member of the team must seek to demonstrate this value despite their position or responsibilities. Additionally, as a reputable firm, our leadership is a major differentiator from our competitors in the industry. ROIC is also a thought leader in the industry and takes responsibility to pioneer, innovate and invent products, services, models and frameworks to help our clients with breakthroughs in dealing with their most challenging problems. 


In serving our clients and staff, ROIC commits to doing what is ethical and legal even if it is not popular. ROIC is known in the industry for honouring its commitments, even when not in writing.


ROIC holds to be true that human resource is and will be the primary differentiator for success even with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. To be a good fit for ROIC firm, employees must have the strength of character and a zeal to win year after year even when the going gets tough.  For the firm to be a thought leader and an innovator, it’s management should be prepared to take bold decisions, make mistakes without losing the zest to innovate and pioneer. 


ROIC is committed to making clients better off by providing them with the right information for decision-making. ROIC and its employees must at all times communicate professionally and honestly with each client. Therefore, each employee is required to be honest with clients about where he/she is or the organization.  


ROIC is driven to transform people’s lives through financial education and financial through to help overcome the most entrenched negative financial habits. ROIC is also driven to positively transform the businesses, the lives of clients and employees and make an indelible mark in the sector.