Early Stage Social Enterprise Model Development Support

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Like the wider MSME sector, in the early stage development support is limited for social enterprises.


Our early stage development support for social enterprises is also based on the lean start-up approach where clients enter a rigorous  programme that transforms their socially-oriented business ideas to reality, producing  and  following the process of Design - Measure - Learn.

Early Stage Registration Services

Our registration support include:

  • Business Registration;

  • Non-Government Organisation/ Non-profit Registration; 

  • Cash Projection + Company Seal (necessary to acquire business account at commercial bank);

  • Tax Compliance Certificate Registration;

Social Enterprise Incubator

Our Social Enterprise incubator assists established social enterprises to develop by providing services necessary to take them beyond the early development stage. Programmes are tailored to suit each client, often informed by a diagnostic test of the client’s social enterprise model.


Key support areas include:


  • Business Leadership & Team Building;

  • Strategic Sales Training & Plan Development/Implementation;

  • Strategic Marketing Training & Plan Development/Implementation;

  • Market Research for MSMEs;

  • Industry Analysis;

  • MSME Accounting; 

  • Financial Management;

  • Social Impact Measurement: Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Evaluations & Forecasting

ROIC assists clients with producing, interpreting and articulating Social Return on Investment (SROI) reports.


The SROI framework is based on the cost-benefit analysis framework and aids organisations to quantify the social, environmental and economic value that they are creating.